Nazif Yardımcı, the founder of Yardımcı Holding A.Ş. was born in Konya in 1931. He completed primary and secondary school in Konya and undergraduate programme in Faculty of Construction in Yıldız Teknik University in 1955- 1956. He worked in steel silo constructions with Americans for a while after he graduated; he was a manager in Directorate of Public Housing and Technical Works in Karabük Municipality, engaged in vice presidency within the same municipality. He conducted the construction of Mamak Enlisted Men Training facilities when he was a reserve officer in 1960, was on duty within Directorate of Development and Technical Works, Vice Presidency in Konya Municipality after military service. He worked as Constructor’s supervisor and site manager since 1960 and considered as the beginning of today’s Yardımcı Holding Company A.Ş., Nazif Yardımcı founded private company in Konya on June, 1961.

He became one of the leading contractors of Provincial Bank, Mortgage Bank, TOKI with both the companies owned by him and as a private company throughout his working life. Yardımcı Pazarlama A.Ş. and Yardımcı İnşaat A.Ş. companies were founded in 1991, Yardımcı Beton A.Ş. was also added to these companies during organization study and joined under the roof of Yardımcı Holding A.Ş. Continuing Yardımcı İnşaat A.Ş. under the activities of Prefabricate production was connected to the holding company as Yardımcı Prefabrik A.Ş. after 1994 and took place in prefabricate market.

Being aware of his social responsibilities, Nazif Yardımcı became the leader and founder in the organizations beneficial to the society. Some of them are Marmara Güç Birliği Holding, Çumra Kağıt Sanayi, Konsantaş, Konaltaş A.Ş. and Kondogaz Konya Doğal Gaz Dağıtım A.Ş. companies.

After death of our founder Nazif Yardımcı in 2005,  Yardımcı Holding A.Ş. has continued its journey and investments under the principles of working hard and honesty determined by him.